Ross Adams – Keeping Fit

soaps-hollyoaks-ross-adamsRoss Adams was recently interviewed by Viva Magazine and here’s what he had to say about Maz…

“Keeping Fit

I joined Hollyoaks in early February, which lets face it, is a dreadful month. It’s cold, it’s dark and as well as looking pasty, we’re still trying to lose the excess weight from the excesses of Christmas and New Year. However, in the dressing rooms it was a very different story. My fellow cast members were glowing with health – I couldn’t turn around without seeing chiselled torsos, washboard stomachs and rippling biceps. And that was just the girls. So what was their secret? It comes in the form of Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Maz Ajtar who runs MazFresh Personal Training in Liverpool. As well as training an array of celebs to get them red carpet ready, the testimonials on his website from his clients made me really keen to find out more. I’ve had personal trainers in the past but quickly lost motivation and I can honestly say I hate the gym. But, determined to get myself toned up for Summer, I’ve just started training with Maz and it’s been a revelation. I’m actually enjoying it! My workouts are always varied and his nutritional advice has been really useful. I may never be up for Sexiest Male at the Soap Awards (they’ve banned the category now anyway apparently) but with any luck, I’ll not feel like such a bloater when I’m sat on the beach this summer! Watch this space… For more details about Maz follow him on twitter @MazFreshPT.”

Full interview with Ross:

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