Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

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Young pregnant woman exercise with weights. Unrecognizable person.  [url=][img][/img][/url]Exercise can help you to feel good while you’re pregnant and prepare you for giving birth. During all three trimesters of pregnancy there are lots of things to consider. Foods that you can and can’t eat, exercise you can and can’t do. One of my recent clients has written the benefits of staying in shape.


“I have trained with Maz for the last 4 years and he has helped me get my perfect body for many things including my wedding day!! Soon after my wedding I found I was expecting my first baby! I was worried that all the hard work I had put into training would be lost due to pregnancy weight gain! I was wrong! Maz encouraged me to continue training regularly and has helped and adapted training for me during all three trimesters! He has educated me on the do’s and do not’s in pregnancy training and shown me I have the ability to do much more than I ever thought I would be able to do! I have found it not only enjoyable but also very beneficial! It’s has kept me in good shape and has helped me avoid pregnancy problems such as back, pelvic, girdle pain and posture problems or excess weight gain! I have also had bags of energy and very few problems! The benefits of training throughout pregnancy for all three trimesters are evident to me now and I know that thanks to Maz I will get my pre pregnancy figure back quickly with continuing my training and eating healthily! I would highly recommend Maz as a PT for anyone looking at getting in shape or keeping in shape and also encourage anyone who is pregnant to continue to train with Maz who has kept me in great shape for another 9 months! Thank you x

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