Clapham“At the age of 21 having never taken part in sport or physical exercise I landed a role on channel 4 show Hollyoaks. I immediately dropped weight through running and crash dieting which left my body weak, unnaturally thin with little muscle in comparison to my onscreen co-stars. Meeting Maz was one of the best things to happen when I first moved to Liverpool, he was able to realise that as well as wanting to increase muscle mass I needed to be energised for filming and keep toned in the mean time – we structured my diet plan and changed up the training every 6 weeks to shock my body out of plateauing – Iv ended up as naked centrefold for several magazines with the body confidence to hold my nerves and in 2 years I have only missed 1 day of filming through illness. I never intend on changing my personal trainer, or losing a friend I consider to have made for life.”

Actor – Charlie Clapham