Duncan James


Over the years I’ve worked with many different personal trainers, taken lots of different classes, sports activities and taken pride in being physically active in my general well-being.
Due to a bad back injury and surgery in 2016, I’ve had to stop the majority of my training and fitness. However I started again in 2017 after being recommended Maz.
His attentiveness to my condition is precedent of upmost importance and therefore he works with me to help strengthen, and keep me in shape within my means.
As I find cardio particularly difficult I have started doing a lot of boxing training with maz which I love.
Not only has he become a friend, he is one of the nicest, most professional and knowledgable trainers I have had the pleasure to work with.
Thanks maz for being totally unique 🙂 “

Parry Glasspool


I first met Maz in the new year after joining the show – he came recommended so I thought why not?
This was 3 years ago and since then, we haven’t looked back. We’ve been working hard on both sides and constantly changing our workouts (due to me wanting a different body type every few months!) So we definitely keep each other on our toes!

He’s a mate in and out of the gym and even though I didn’t think you could improve on ‘perfection’ the results speak for themselves!”

Charlie Clapham


At the age of 21 having never taken part in sport or physical exercise I landed a role on channel 4 show Hollyoaks. I immediately dropped weight through running and crash dieting which left my body weak, unnaturally thin with little muscle in comparison to my onscreen co-stars. Meeting Maz was one of the best things to happen when I first moved to Liverpool, he was able to realise that as well as wanting to increase muscle mass I needed to be energised for filming and keep toned in the mean time – we structured my diet plan and changed up the training every 6 weeks to shock my body out of plateauing – Iv ended up as naked centrefold for several magazines with the body confidence to hold my nerves and in 2 years I have only missed 1 day of filming through illness. I never intend on changing my personal trainer, or losing a friend I consider to have made for life.”

Anna Passey


The great thing about training with Maz is that at the outset he really talks through what you are aiming to achieve,so from the get go the exercises are tailored directly to help you achieve specific goals. He finds a way to make the training fun,even on the days where getting to the gym feels tricky! To train with him just once or twice a week is great to keep my own training motivated and focused.”

Danny Mac


Nikki Sanderson


For someone like myself who has no motivation in the gym and struggles to work out on my own, Maz is a god send. He varies my workouts to keep them interesting and always pushes me to do better and achieve greater results.”

Stephanie Davis


Thank you @mazfreshpt BOSS trainer! LETS AV IT! Gonna knock em dead and be the best I can be! I’m ready x”

Tamara Wall


I hate the gym and I’m incredibly lazy but Maz has been the first trainer I’ve had in a long time that not only makes me work hard but has also managed to make it enjoyable! He’s a first class PT and when you see the results you’ll get addicted!! Love ya Maz x”

Charlie Wernham


Ross Adams